Lifestyle Tips for Cancer Free Living

By LeRoy Kopp, owner of New Horizons Healthy Foods

1) Alkalize the Body!

Enjoy a diet loaded with colorful fruits and vegetables along with some legumes, whole grains, nuts and seeds. These foods are one of your best defenses against chronic disease. Many of these foods contain powerful anticancer phytonutrients. Remember the daily recommended servings of fruits and veggie is a minimum of 9!

2) Boost Your Immune System to Keep Cancer Cells at Bay

Here are some possible immune boosters/cancer fighters: dark leafy greens, fruits and veggies, wheat grass, mushrooms (common and medicinal varieties both), certain essential oils, fermented veggies, probiotics, garlic, certain herbal teas, and more.

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3) Decrease Consumption of Animal Products

Increased consumption of animal protein and saturated fat is strongly correlated with increased cancer risk.

4) Consume Daily Fresh Juices and Green Smoothies

Consider consuming daily fresh homemade juices, banana whips, or green smoothies to help flood your body with vital immune system boosting nutrients.

5) Exercise

Get regular exercise to help make your immune system strong and fit.

6) Enjoy Sunshine for Adequate Vitamin D

Get out in the sunshine (though avoid overexposure) in order in invigorate the body and allow your body to produce adequate amounts of vitamin D, which may be helpful in warding off regeneration of cancer cells. Instead of sunscreen (loaded with carcinogenic chemicals) wear light long sleeve shirts, make your own homemade sunblock and load your body with skin protecting antioxidants by eating lots of fruit and veggies.

7) Breathe

Invigorate your lungs with oxygen by using deep breathing exercises like those found in yoga exercises as cancer thrives in anaerobic (oxygen poor) environments and does not do well in an oxygen rich environment.

8) Detox 3 – 5 Times a Year

Consider using various detoxing techniques 3 — 5 times a year to help rid the body of toxic chemicals.

9) Think Positive

The body and the mind are connected, so thinking positive thoughts and hanging around positive people is a must.

10) Use a Water Purifier

Get a water purifier to remove toxic chemicals from the water supply like chlorine, fluoride, pesticides, heavy metals and many others.

11) Avoid Toxic Chemicals

Consider using homemade cleaning products from items like oranges, lemons or baking soda to avoid toxic chemicals in household cleaning products.

12) Avoid Deep Fried Foods!

Deep frying produces lots of carcinogenic compounds.

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13) Enjoy Green Tea

Sip some green tea in between meals for the anti- cancer phytonutrients found in green tea.

14) Add Non-GMO Soy Foods

Add in some non-GMO soy foods like edamame, tofu or tempeh for the cancer fighting properties of soy. Although once controversial, all the major studies since 2008 are in support of the positive cancer fighting properties of soy (avoid the processed soy products).

15) Buy Organic Produce If Possible

To make them more affordable, pick your own organic local berries and fruit when ripe and freeze or preserve them as appropriate. Start growing your own fruits and veggies. Study up on backyard gardening techniques and give some a try.

It should be noted that the protective powers of fruits and veggies is so powerful that the benefits of eating lots of conventional (non-organic) produce far outweighs the negative effects of the chemicals that are used to grow the produce. If buying conventional produce clean with water or a water/salt water solution.

16) Do Your Own Research

Study possible alternative cancer treatments that exist that are not well known by the general population to determine if they may be right for you. There is a wealth of information out there that is not well known by the general public that is worth looking at to be able to make the best decision for you.

17) Educate Yourself

Learn as much as possible about the many ways to help prevent and fight cancer and help to educate those who are yet unaware. Employ those methods which suit you so that you can be the change you want to see and help inspire others.

A variety of whole grains available at New Horizons Natural Foods.

A variety of whole grains available at New Horizons Natural Foods.

18) Practice New Ways to Prepare Foods

Take the time to learn ways to eat without the need of highly processed, nutrient deficient, chemical infused food. A new set of food prep/cooking skills needs to be learned so that as a community we can make the shift towards a diet of unprocessed foods loaded with lots of fruits and veggies.

19) Include Turmeric, Ginger & Ground Flax to Your Diet

Add some turmeric, ginger and ground flax seed to your daily diet. The easiest way to sneak these foods in is to hide them in a smoothie.

20) Give Your Body What it Needs to Self-Heal

Realize that your body is a self-healing organism that wants to be healthy! Give your body the raw material it needs so that your immune system can effectively combat the propagation of cancer cells.

21) You Are Strong

Realize that you are strong beyond belief and the only person truly accountable for your own health is you.

22) Reduce Alcohol & Tobacco

Minimize or eliminate alcohol and tobacco.

23) Love Yourself!

By taking care of yourself first it becomes much easier to know how to help others take care of themselves, and it makes you inspirational.

24) Realize the Answer to the War on Cancer is You!

Your lifestyle choices absolutely affect your cancer risk. A very healthy body is has many defenses against cancer.

25) In Summation:

  1. Alkalize the Body
  2. Exercise
  3. Oxygenate the Body
  4. Get Some Sun!
  5. Detox
  6. Think positively and have an open mind.

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