3-Day Banana Whip Reset

The Purpose

There are many reasons to consider doing a banana whip reset (detox). One of the primary reasons is to help flush built up toxins from the body by providing 3 days of high fiber food that is free of processed foods and animal products. All that fiber is going to help detox the body as well as the fact that your body is simply getting a break from potentially unhealthy food.

Banana Whips in a variety of flavors

Banana Whips come in many flavors!

Also this reset may very well help people who are facing food addictions of sugar, oil and/or salt. The banana whips will help to flush out “bad” bacteria that may be feeding on sugar and oil and replace them with “good” bacteria that prefer to feed on fiber. This may help change one’s tastes buds and cravings so that junk food and such will be less appealing.

Also it may help healthy food like fruits and veggies to taste more appealing. This is the tastiest, most satisfying way I can think of to help detox the body and help to overcome sugar cravings.

Unlike a juice cleanse you get to eat lots of delicious food and this food will provide you with the fiber you need to help reset your gut bacteria. It is also much more affordable than a juice cleanse.

Banana Whips at New Horizons Natural Foods

Chocolate Cookie, Orange Dreamsicle, Tropical Whip, Raspberry Hazelnut, Strawberry Peach, and Strawberry Mango are just some of the Banana Whip varieties.

This is not a starvation type detox. There should be enough calories provided for the average person. An active person may require more than the recommended amount of whips. All the fruit will also give you a huge amount of antioxidants to help you feel youthful.

You do not have to eat it all if you aren’t hungry. Eat until you are satisfied and if extra keep the rest for another time. If you need more food eat fruit.


Buy at least 10 whips and get 10% off the whips and any soups/meals you purchase for the plan. It also includes up to 2 gallons of alkalized water (you bring the jug), 1 homemade energy bar ($2.25 value or less) and 3 bags of peppermint or spearmint tea and 3 bags of ginger tea.

Three-Day Plan

We recommend purchasing at least 10 large fruit flavored whips and at least 3 soups for the 3 day detox plan. You want to make sure you have enough food that you won’t be hungry for the 3 day detox.

The One Whip a Day Plan

Eating a whip a day is also helpful in helping to overcome junk food addictions. This is a more gentle detox but it may also take longer to be as effective as the 3 day plan.


A dramatic change from the Standard American Diet to something as nutritious as a Banana Whip Reset could cause detox symptoms like headaches, digestive issues or a general feeling of blah for a day, two or maybe even all three. However, if once you get through any potential detox symptoms you will probably start to feel really good.

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