A Healthy Future

It was another early beautiful spring morning as I eagerly jumped out of bed on May 5th 2047. At the age of 65 I felt like a man half my age. It was over three and a half decades ago that I decided to take my health into my own hands and start taking it seriously. I radically changed my diet, started exercising more regularly and educated myself on what needed to be done to thrive for the rest of my life.

My lovely wife Violet was up and out of bed soon after myself. Though she was now a grandmother she still had a youthful twinkle in her eyes and a fit and lean body. I gave Violet a kiss, we got dressed and proceeded to go outside for our daily early morning yoga routine. We had been doing yoga steadily for many years now and it helped us to find peace within ourselves, take away our anxieties and keep our bodies fit and strong.

After yoga we went for a quick jog through the wooded trails surrounding our house. Even at our age we still felt light, energetic and strong. Neither of us had any aches and pains in our bodies and had no problem running 2 or 3 miles most days.

Violet started some gardening work after the jog as I got our breakfast ready. I made us each a green smoothie as usual. It was made with many ingredients we grew on our backyard permaculture orchard like blueberries, apples, kale and walnuts. We had been cultivating our own personal Eden for many years now and an abundance of healthy foods grew all around us, which we either ate ourselves or sold for income. Along with our green smoothies I made us each a green juice (we grew tons of greens) and made a bowl of oatmeal. This was a standard breakfast for us that had done wonders for us over the years.

I was particularly excited this Saturday morning as my daughter, Daisy, and my 16 year old granddaughter, Hope, were arriving soon for another exciting adventure. On this day Violet, Daisy, Hope and I were planning to do some biking and kayaking in some spectacular wilderness a little ways to the north.

By the time Daisy and Hope arrived my wife and I were all packed up and ready to go. We wasted no time in loading our gear in Daisy’s super-efficient adventure mobile and headed out.

I was particularly thankful during the awesome single track bike ride through the beautiful wilderness as both Violet and myself were able to keep up with Daisy and Hope without too much trouble despite our age. Daisy and Hope were in great shape, but so were Violet and myself and had been biking for decades. These adventures of ours were a common occurrence for us and they were a primary motivator for staying in such good health. We were very thankful to be able to be so active in the time we spent with our offspring. We always had fun together and rarely had a reason to argue with each other since we had too much fun activities to keep us occupied.

Violet and I not only enjoyed being able to adventure with our children and grandchildren but we enjoyed being able to pass on the knowledge we had gained throughout the years. These adventures were just one good way that we were able to do so. My wife and I were active in the pursuit of new knowledge, wisdom and hobbies as we wanted to be able to teach our offspring as much as possible about life and the world in which we live. We felt it was one of our duties to be continually growing as people despite our age for the sake of our children and grandchildren. We never had the attitude that we already knew it all just because we were older than them. After all, how many times had our offspring taught us new life lessons, insights and skills? We all tried to learn from each other with an open mind despite the generational differences.

As I sped along the winding bike track I thought of some of my old friends and how many were no longer with us in this world. Many had succumbed to chronic diseases like heart disease and cancer despite the fact that we had learned how to prevent such conditions several decades prior. Unfortunately, many had died before culture finally caught up to the science. I felt a twinge of guilt as I knew I had not been successful in convincing to make healthy lifestyle changes years ago, though I also knew they ultimately had to make the choice themselves. I felt bad for their kids and grandkids as they no longer had a dad and grandpa or mom and grandma to spend time with.

Fortunately, culture had finally caught up to the nutritional science in the last decade and the days of the elderly being perceived as weak, feeble and senile were quickly fading. More than ever before the elderly no longer felt so elderly. It was becoming a rare instance for someone to die of heart disease, become disabled from obesity or be stricken with arthritis. Whole food plant based eating and the innumerable benefits that result from it were finally commonplace in the year 2047. It was a great feeling to know that people were suffering less from chronic diseases than ever before. People tended to be very active as well since they felt so good.

bicycle at storeAfter an awesome 30 mile bike ride we traveled to a nearby lake and enjoyed the rest of the day paddling the clear blue mountain water. Wildlife abounded in plenty and the air was fresh and clean. My muscles were plenty strong enough to propel my kayak along for many miles. By staying active for the last several decades and eating an alkaline plant based diet, my muscles did not suffer from the muscle wasting experienced by most of my predecessors. Certainly I felt nearly the same vitality as when I was forty.

I had no intention of stopping being physically active any time soon. Sure the day would come when I would start slowing down a little and maybe I might only be able to ride the old bike five miles instead of 50, but I feel it’s my duty to stay healthy not only so I can be around as long as possible to spend time with my family, but to be able to do fun activities with them as well.

No sense in inconveniencing their lives by needing them to take care of me, when with positive lifestyle choices I know that I can stay strong enough and mentally sharp enough to take care of Violet and myself. My kids and grandkids got lives to live after all, and I want to help make their quality of life as good as possible. When I do depart this world I want to pass peacefully from extreme old age, and leave knowing I did my best to make the world a better place.

The year 2047 has been pretty great and the future looks even brighter as the plague of chronic diseases, greed, and hatred, lack of respect for the environment and the needless slaughter of billions of sentient animals are quickly becoming a whisper of the past.

It was another great day to be alive!

James Fredrick Jones

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